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Automate Disinfection

Zener can be programmed to disinfect when you want, how you want. It uses sensors to provide more control on disinfection parameters, making disinfection painless.

Save Time

Zener does the disinfection for you, freeing up time to do what matters most. Schedule your disinfection parameters ahead of time and give yourself some peace of mind.

Reduce Costs

Save up on constantly buying chemical disinfectants and supplies.

Painless and Efficient Setup

Zener can be hooked onto tiled ceilings and set up in minutes. We map and input your environment into a computer simulation software to optimize placement of Zeners, maximizing disinfection efficacy.

Earth Friendly

Zener uses mercury-free lamps and eliminates the need to use toxic disinfection chemicals, further creating less waste in the process.

Control Zener from Anywhere

Stay in control. Using our mobile app and online dashboard, connect to and control Zener from anywhere.