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Disinfect occupied spaces
over 6X more effectively
without disrupting operations

Disinfect occupied spaces over 6X more effectively without disrupting operations

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Make your space safer

UVX uses 222nm far-UVC light technology to continuously kill pathogens in the air and on surfaces within seconds, even while people are present.

We have developed the world’s first smart ceiling device that is 6X more effective than chemical disinfection and 7X more effective than air purifiers with HEPA filters.

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What professionals are saying

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This will provide peace of mind to both our staff and residents, freeing up time and resources to provide better services. UVX's data and insights will further help optimize our operations and reduce costs.

Andrea M.

Administrator at Long-term Care Home in Vancouver, BC
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Reducing turnaround times between patients through automated disinfection is critical for a busy hospital. With UVX installed, I’ll be more comfortable working in isolation rooms without concerns of being infected.

Katiana S.

Registered Nurse at Hospital in Orange County, CA
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Infection outbreaks have been a real problem in senior residences even pre-COVID. We are under-staffed and under-resourced, and are anxiously waiting to install UVX's units to offer relief to staff and residents.

Bradley A.

Infection Control at Assisted Living Facility in Calgary, AB

Safety Verified Through Years of Scientific Research

Scientists around the world have verified our core technology’s efficacy and safety for humans.

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