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What do infections cost your facility?

Infections like RSV, COVID-19 and Gastrointestinals are a big challenge to senior care facilities. But just how big?

In collaboration with our academic and industry partners, we set out to answer that question. The result?

A bottom-up, process-based infection cost model based on peer-reviewed research to estimate how much infections cost your facility.

From PPE and food services for isolating residents to additional care and housekeeping, we map and cost it all.

But how does this help you?

CEOs: Prioritize What's Important

Identify what hurts your organization the most, and prioritize with bespoke, data-backed insights.

COOs: Organizational Visibility

Map of all the processes infections entail and identify optimization opportunities.

IPAC Champions: Build a Business Case

Build payback schedules for infection control initiatives, and present a robust case to C-suite decision-makers.

The best part? It only costs $1,495 which goes toward a credit should you decide to later implement UVX! No strings attached - just something to help you make better decisions. Our team will sit down with you, assess your processes, and create a custom process map and cost model for you.

Sign up here for a free, no-obligation, 30-minute consultation with our team to learn more:

Sample Process Map