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On a mission to return to a new and safe normal

Number of people that died due to infectious diseases in 2019 (numbers even higher with COVID-19)
Average number of employee sick days resulting in socio-economic loss to employees, employers, and the economy.
Reactive approach. We develop a new drug, a drug resistant superbug emerges, we develop another new drug, and the cycle continues.
Number of Americans per year being infected at healthcare facilities who did not have an infection prior to their visit. This results in ~100K deaths per year.

On a Mission

UVX was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic with a mission to return to a new and safe normal by commercializing 222nm Far-UVC and replicating lab results in real life. This mission became especially important to us when we realized that some Far-UVC lamp suppliers were not employing optical filters and were therefore unable to replicate safety proven through research.

To help us achieve this mission, our team is being advised by scientists at the University of British Columbia and Columbia University, the scientists that are spearheading Far-UVC research and authored many of the publications we are referencing.

Effective Disinfection

Not only is UVX’s technology effective at killing SARS-CoV-2, the pathogen that causes COVID-19, but depending on the dosage, UVX is also effective at killing H1N1, Measles, TB, E-Coli, Salmonella Typhimurium, MRSA, VRE, Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, and many others. UVX is effective at both air and surface disinfection.

Since our technology is effective on most pathogens, even those that mutate and attempt to become drug resistant, it offers benefits beyond the COVID-19 pandemic; especially in healthcare facilities and public transportation where viral transmissions are more likely.

Anonymous Occupancy Data

The COVID-19 pandemic brought to our attention the importance of occupancy flows in improving hygiene as well as the lack of occupancy data that businesses generally have. Most businesses struggled to restructure operations to ensure physical distancing as they had no occupancy data.

UVX’s anonymous occupancy data can be used for targeted cleaning depending on how frequently a space is used instead of scheduled cleaning rotations, schedule disinfection depending on occupancy, obtain accurate disinfection logs instead of pen and paper disinfection logs, optimize occupancy flows for better occupant experience through wayfinding optimization, guarantee regulatory compliance by ensuring building capacity is not exceeded, energy savings through data insights, and many more.